This is the NEW and exciting look for Silent Coat!

Silent Coat

Silent Coat is the finest sound and vibration dampening product line to hit the United States in years. Silent Coat has been the number #1 selling throughout Europe for several years. So whether you are restoring a classic car, installing an audio system, need to insulate your boat, RV  we have a product or combination of products that will help you achieve your goals while saving money.


Silent Coat specializes in solutions for sound and vibration dampening issues, all of our products are made in Russia. It’s taken several years of research and development to create a special line of products for the United States  market. With our advanced military grade construction and highly effective damping, Silent Coat damping products are already the choice of many companies.

Our clients are saying this about us.

“This Silent Coat product ROCKS… I’m the owner of SKJ Customs and we have been using another product for years. After attending the 2013 Barrett Jackson Auction and seeing this product installed first hand I’m convinced this is the finest product on the market”
Rick Sheley, SKJ Customs
“I received all the samples this week and the quality of your products are outstanding and your pricing is even better. I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m looking forward to selling this exciting NEW product on ebay.
Sue George, The Gate House
“DLC Distributors Inc. is excited to be appointed the Canadian distributor of Silent Coat! We look forward to being able to supply this innovative product across the country and are looking to partner with retailers and installers to get Silent Coat into the Canadian market.”
Corigan Prodanuk, DLC Distributors Inc
“Inside the truck, Hawkins focused on creature comforts. Everything was pulled out and Silent Coat was installed. Silent Coat is a sound insulator that made a tremendous difference in this truck. “The truck is so quiet driving down the street, it is unbelievable,” mentioned Hawkins.”
Blaine Hawkins, Sema 2013